Real Estate is Still in Motion. Sellers Want to Sell and Buyers Want to Buy.

At John L. Scott, your home will continue to receive maximum exposure to all potential home buyers through our global partnerships, online marketing strategies, as well as in-person tours that follow Stay Home, Stay Safe protocols.

Today's Steps to a Successful Sale

  • Your John L. Scott® Agent will enter your home in your local Multiple Listing Service to showcase your home immediately online on and other local, national and international property websites (e.g.,,…), to provide global exposure to all potential Buyers currently in the  market.
  • Drive Home Buyers to your property’s unique website, where they can view interior/exterior photos, view property details and experience video and virtual tours (when available).
  • Your John L. Scott® Agent may also conduct virtual Open House Tours with interested Buyers, using video conferencing technology.
  • Your home will be promoted through Just Listed postcards or digital delivery to neighborhood and nearby area residents.
  • Your home will be featured in a Property Brochure and shared with potential Buyers who visit your home in-person and interested buyers online.
  • Redefined: “Private Showings Only – One Client at a Time,” with time in-between each appointment to allow for social distancing.
  • Redefined: Hold all private showings on Saturday or Sunday to eliminate any concerns you may have with frequent showings throughout the week.
  • Redefined: Post John L. Scott’s “Approved Notice” on your front door which requests those that are sick to not enter the home and return when their symptoms have subsided.
  • Redefined: Provide hand-sanitizer to each buyer as they enter your home for a private showing to allow for frequent hand-sanitizing as they tour your home.
  • Redefined: Leave all interior doors open during private showings to eliminate the need for touching.
  • Redefined: At the completion of all private showings, all doorknobs, cabinet door handles, handrails and sink faucets throughout the home will be wiped down with bleach wipes prior to leaving.
We believe in “Transactional Excellence” regardless of what is required to provide it.